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  1. marling314538

    She hid behind a smile. She was cold. “What do you mean?” she asked.“Let me ask you a personal question? Really personal?”She shrugged. “Sure.”“Who is your fuck buddy?”She was shocked. The twice shocked at being shocked in the first place. “How did you…how did you know?”“Because I see it all in the way you carry yourself. You can’t go more than a week without sex. But you have no boyfriend.”She sat there for a second. Then laughed. “You got all that from a few conversations? You are good. You hit me spot on.”“Sorry.”“No its ok. It just kinda surprised me. My friends tell me…

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  3. alphastrike8680560

    thanks.The last gasp of pleasure is screamed from aimee’s body as the body on her grunts there release into her, kissing her softly and leaves her asleep on her bed. Aimee, someone who everybody wants to know, yet only a few people do is something of a sex machine, she knows how and where to get it. At the party last night, she caught the eye of Jak, a lonely long haired guy, whos depression seems to be fueled on drugs and the lust of a cheep shag. The moment he saw Aimee, in her high pink heels, her bare legs leading up to tiny, tight red hotpants with a tiny thong being shown,…

  4. cataclasm94689

    Normally, I don’t put up with this from anyone, EVER. But when we started dating, he was not like the rest. We had fun, lots of fun, and her really seemed to care – but I guess that’s all in the past now. My soon-to-be ex boyfriend loved for me to dress as slutty as possible so he could parade me around in front of his beer buddies at frat parties and such. Today I chose a black, lacey cami top with a cute little heart shaped opening in a very “strategic” location (and no bra, of course). I wore my favorite skin-tight jeans and finished my look with a simple pair of black pumps complete with…

  5. minkx1570620

    I settled down, my bound wrists still trapped behind me, putting an arch to my spine, pushing my flat belly upward. I swallowed, glancing at Daddy.“May I be gagged, Daddy?” I asked, my heart beating faster. Cold pumped through my body, making me shiver. “No,” he said, giving me a look, almost pinning me in place with his strength. He understood. He wanted me to swallow my fear. To submit to his will when I could stop it. When I could put an end to all of this.I had something even more powerful than a safe word.I swallowed, a fist squeezing my heart. I squeaked when Lilac picked up the…

  6. underfire7564172

    But he was older, like dad age, and then some, and that had never been her thing.However, it was apparent that without a ‘compromise’ of some type, she was never going to pay back her dad, and she just could not accept failure.Kaitlyn was not above using her body to achieve her goals, she had done so in the past, and at least ‘JR’(one last time) was clean, and the surroundings were certainly nice.“Do you have it?” she asked, matter-of-factly.“Of course.”I answered, and pointed to the box on the table.“as new-as stated.”“Nice that it’s in the box” she commented, then “I need to know this…

  7. joywhek
  8. micromash5238256

    Certainly she had given no indication that she wasn’t amenable to the idea.”She’s never done it before ….. we’ve only been married a few weeks,” Rob now said with a smile, and by his words indicated that he would be willing if his wife was.”A few weeks?” both guys exclaimed together. That news really excited them, and one said, “that makes it all the more exciting that we’d be fucking your new bride.”So now there could be no misinterpretation by either Rob or Yvonne – it would be a gang bang with all three of them fucking her.”All right. I think she needs a good three way…

  9. vinnipblx9742015

    We just started talking one day and in about an hour we were best friends. We sat beside each other in class, played together at break and were almost always together. One day after school, I went to Cormac’s house as I did regularly. He lived near the school so I just brought my books without going home. His parents worked late and his brother and sister were in secondary school which gave us about two hours to ourselves.We watched TV for a while and flicked through the crappy shows that are on at three o’clock. Then, Cormac just asked me: “Do you ever think about sex?” At eleven, I…

  10. powergrab7093259

    I was sharing him with this bisexual chick who worked as a whore and went by the name of Lucy; we got on great, she wanted to tongue my cunt sometime (uhh yuk, really?) when i was next sucking Jake’s cock like a good girl…I believed her. so the relationship between Jake and I was weird to say the least.Taken for a RideJake took me for a ride in his car to see a friend. I told him that we should have sex or maybe I shoudl suck his dick without Lucy being around so why not pull over to the side of the road?”Need sex huh..?” he said mysteriously with a far away look in his eyes.”Well,…

  11. baretfly7601280

    Very soon, a slight lifting of the hips under me indicated I should begin my movements. Slowly at first, to savour the feelings, I started to raise and lower my body allowing my rigid cock to plunge in and out of the accommodating yet clasping hole. The sensations generated by this were phenomenal.Quickly the tempo of the movement built up until I was pulling the full length of my long and thick cock right out of the hole and pressing back down till my pubic hair was grinding into the soft flesh beneath me. The sounds on my body slapping against the tight cheeks of the ass along with the…

  12. lilliputian367240

    She was standing on the top of me and started sucking on her toy.I could see her fleshy lips surrounding the fake dick.I could tell she was enjoying it as her recently shaved pussy was dripping over my body.She sat on her knee and, as she began caressing her pussy, she asked me to get undress for her.I complied with her request right away.She lay on the bed and asked me if I wanted her to fuck herself with the toy.I happily nodded.She told me she wanted me to jerk off with her. I grabbed my fully erected cock and started masturbating in front of my wife.Sucking her lower lip, she inserted…

  13. cykarik6719132

    I felt my body quiver as my new pussy hole opened. the last things to happen were my body becoming shapely, my ass plumbed out, and body became like and hour glass. my natural brown hair now had a natural curl to it my face narrowed out. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually a woman now. a pretty hot one too. “Wow” I said a loud and instantly covered my mouth. My gruff manly voice was replace with this soft sweet feminine tone. “I look good” I said again taking in mynew voice. “I cant believe I turned out to be such a stone cold fox!” I said again.I walked over to my bed and laid down in it…

  14. nightlite9314050

    Mom says that it is much more common than society would ever admit, and that in the farming community where she grew up it was common, since the families were isolated, big families were an asset for taking care of the farm, and most babies were born at home anyway.She has also reminded me that there are instances of sanctioned incest for childbearing in the bible, such as Lot and his Daughters. I also want to talk to those family members out there who have repressed their sexual feelings:Go for it!I can say from personal experience that there is nothing better in the world than combining…

  15. peregrint3801733

    After a few minutes she stopped sucking him and moved off the couch causing his fingers to slip from her pussy. They were glistening with her juices. She straddled him and sank down on his cock and I watched as his dick went into her in one fluid motion. She took his hand and put his fingers in her mouth and sucked her juices off of them as she rode him. Linda was moaning and pleading with him to fuck her harder and deeper and make her cum again. He told her she was a complete slut when she was sucking cock or getting fucked and she told him she was and once she has a cock in her she can’t…

  16. rolfe8464921

    Before you left, you asked me what I would be doing later. I mentioned that I had plans, but would be home in the evening if you would like to stop by. I would leave the door unlocked for you if you thought you might. You answered that perhaps I should, and kissed me again before you left. I wondered if you would really show, as I poured myself a glass of wine. I decided to shower, you knew the door would be unlocked if you arrived while I was bathing. Going into the bedroom, I paused to light some candles before undressing. Then walked into the adjoining bathroom, and started the water. I…

  17. kerplunk3083117

    It occurred the year that I had auditioned and won the role of Count Dracula for a local amateur theater. I met her after the opening night performance, she introduced herself as April. She bore a remarkable resemblance to famed Hammer movie star Ingrid Pitt. She told me how much she loved the play and my performance during our first meeting and we seemed to connect.We always managed to chat briefly for a few minutes until I had to leave her and circle the room greeting the other audience members.During our brief conversations I learned that she was really into the whole vampire/…

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  22. haematic8760844

    It was about a week after my wife had left me. He said, “My wife wants you to fuck her brains out. I’m cool with it so feel free to help me wear her out. Maybe with the two of us fucking her she will finally get enough.”Stunned, I asked, “Are you serious? Trish is a knock out.”He smiled and said, “I know! I’m married to her and I want her to be happy. Apparently fucking you will make her happy.”I did not have to think about it at all, I said, “Okay!”He asked, “So when can you start?”I said, “Send her over. I’ll take her away for the weekend and give her back to you on…

  23. l76496564

    The year was 2007, and I was 23. I was recently separated from the Navy, having done my four years of service. In the six months since I had left the military, I had yet to find a job. Luckily, I had been smart enough to set aside most of my paychecks in the Navy, so I had a large nest egg to survive until I could find work. After a lengthy mental discussion, I decided I had earned a vacation, and so I booked a trip to Las Vegas. Go ahead; call me an idiot for wasting money.It was now February. I arrived in Vegas on Monday, and went straight to the Luxor, where I had reserved my room. I…

  24. treecher2323100

    ” They followed her to her room and she picked it out of the box and back to the kitchen to clean it from last time it was used. Alexia said to her mother: “Mom, would you like to help we can make it worth your time.” Linda looked at her very attractive daughters and said:“I was hoping you would ask.”They took her hand and led her to Alexia’s room.Al three of them was turned on by the thought of some casual sex between them. Lynda asked her “mother please sit down on the chair” and the two girls removed her shoes, socks and pants. Alexia reached behind her and grabbed her tee shirt to take it…

  25. sceptre2520565

    “You guys just look for an excuse to point one of those things at us. Besides,” she laughed, “this is a family reunion, and what would that be without a video of it.””Yeah!” Mary agreed. “I think it would be kinda neat; one big happy group grope. I’m game!”A sweat bead dribbled into her eye and Carol shook her head, bringing her back to the present. John’s prodding cock was pounding urgently in her hot cunt, egged on by Mary’s long wet tongue licking his damp balls and the base of his fat, protruding prick. He was cupping her tits, his fingers playing with her hard…

  26. favh3174828

    I currently live with my sister Mindy in an one bedroom apartment, so yes right away I’ll admit, we sleep together, but we wear clothes and don’t cuddle in our queen sized bed. A few months ago she broke up with her boyfriend who had been cheating on her, she moved out and really had nowhere else to go, so she came to live with me, although over the last few months she really taking a liking into me for some odd reason, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I didn’t think having a good relationship with my sister was a bad thing. Anyway as we got closer and closer, we actually started socializing…

  27. peregrint1094946

    They also found plenty of signs of human activity, though rarely any bodies, same with the monsters, and the dead ends were a constant annoyance.“Wait, hold up.”“What is it?” Trevor asked. “This section of the hallway, we should avoid it. Look at it.” The next hundred feet of the tunnel had a different consistency than the rest. It was a fleshy, perforated surface, like a dish sponge. “Something like that is probably some kind of trap. We need to backtrack.”“It looks fine. It probably means we’re getting close to the bottom of the shell.”“It very well could be, but it’s also too…

  28. clowder5729350

    This is only part1. I will write part2 if enough people request it! I hope you like it. Sorry if there are any mistypes. Comments and suggestion are more than welcome. :)He walked into his apartment and threw his keys onto the cluttered counter. He trampled over clothes and empty pizza boxes to the fridge and grabbed a beer. He popped the top and walked over to the window over looking the community pool. He noticed a beautiful women swimming alone as he studied her every move. She was the most beautiful women that he has ever seen, long brown hair, and a tanned, toned body. His phone…

  29. mage931370003

    After falling asleep we wake the next day but you can’t move, I’ve tied you down on the bed spread eagle. I grab a jar of of peanut butter and start rubbing it under your armpits all over your breasts all between your legs and around your pussy. Then I start to lick the peanut butter off your breasts while sucking on your nipples then move up to your underarms and lick the peanut butter off of there then kiss my way down to your pussy lick the peanut butter from the inside of you thighs and all around your pussy. All the while my cock has become rock hard so I put peanut butter all over it and…

  30. riseup4176117

    I was definitely getting drunk.I knew it was dangerous to be alone with Amy but I did’nt care.I got the feeling that Amy had been planning this.That this was what she wanted.In the back of my mind. I thought that something was bothering her and she just wanted to cut loose and forget everything else.I wasn’t sure where it was going but I was going to find out. “Can I show you a family tradition of mine?”, she asked.She didn’t wait for me to answer.She just came over to where I was and sat on my lap.Her beautiful face was next to mine.I could smell the intoxicating aroma of her skin.I could…

  31. amuszander2644724

    We’ve gotten almost a dozen reservations.”***After the girls had changed out of their costumes, Judy and Ron went out to check out Bourbon Street at night. Julie said that she and Kevin were staying back in their room to talk. When Sara heard that, she suggested that before they talked they might want to check out the store down the street that sold flavored condoms and various types of warming or effervescent lubricants. Julie’s response was her standard, “Sara!” but Kevin smiled at her and said, “We might just try that.” Julie turned a very deep shade of red and then said in an…

  32. rumit9302033

    It was still early and she couldn’t sleep so she got her laptop and started reading more stories about girl exhibitionists.*****When Angie woke up and moved a little, her laptop display burst into life displaying the story about a girl in a bar talking to a group of men, the girl being totally naked. She bookmarked the webpage thinking that she’d finish the story some other time.Then she realised that she was leaving wet marks on the laptop’s keyboard. She looked at her hand and saw that it was wet. She remembered that her hand had been on her pussy when she woke up.“Jeez girl,” Angie…

  33. thunderhawk7592644

    It was always such a touchy subject that I never really got to share my thoughts on it with anyone, even Emily. Frowning, Stephanie looked from Kelly to Brian, and then down into her hands in her lap. “I, uh, I can’t think of anything to dare,” she admitted. “You can’t think of anything you want me to do?” Kelly asked in exasperated vexation. “You can tell me to do anything you want, you have me at your command, and you’ve got nothing? Do you want me to finish what you started and have me strip?” “What was the other dare we’ve had tonight…? Ah, right, that was it; dare me to make you…

  34. telpherage6143980

    As she was thinking on this, Reed had begun to lick her and finally with Michael in her mind, she gave into the feelings that Reed’s tongue was invoking.Reed knew that Neil was a sore point with her, but he just didn’t care. She picked that loser not him. He had never asked her to sleep with him. Thinking back, he should have known she was a tramp, she jumped Neil the first chance she got and now she hooked up with another just like him from the sounds of it. Oh well I guess, he thought to himself, she was not his anymore as she put it. Just get a little piece of the slut and get on with…

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  36. pilar8026455

    This is a story about how dad and I played with each other intimately. At first daddy made me cum, using just his fingers and tongue, I thought I would blow my mind. Never had I cum that hard before, and I wanted more.Following that daddy, told me how to turn a man on, what makes his dick hard, and how they cum.Since he was not ready to teach me to fuck, he taught me how to get him off with my hands, and lips.“Oh my god, daddy I love the feel of your cock in my hands, it’s so big.”“Good baby-girl. Now kiss the head, and run your tongue across the slit. That’s it now tell me did you…

  37. shadowhunter2263750

    She asks my wife if I could loan it to her so that her husband would not know. She said she was going to find a job to make ends meet. So I loan her 200.00. The next month it was the phone bill and then the light bill. My wife asked me to please help her because her husband Sammy was violent man. Well this keep up until she was in debit to me for two grand and she never found a job. I told my wife that I could not keep loaning her money until I got some back. She keep calling and my wife and she got mad at me and started giving me hell for not helping her little sister. I told my sister-in-law…

  38. resource24888005

    Hearing you Mutter about there being too many clothes between us. You rip my blouse right off me not bothering with the buttons to pop off and spread around the floor every which way. You hands go right to my ass pushing me up so you can lean down and run your tongue along the slopes of my breasts not touching anything but skin and turning your face to slowly rub your stumbled cheek along my erect nipples one at a time.Still not enough not now with moisture dripping out of me and what clothes remain constricting me making me feel itchy and uncomfortable I arch my back and reach behind me…

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  40. jieh9i6191150

    After not hearing back from her, I was starting to think that maybe nothing was going to happen, that maybe she had just been playing a game with me, and perhaps that was for the best.Perhaps this whole idea of a backyard gang-bang was a little too much, even for me.But then her husband Davey called one afternoon and asked if I could come to their house the following week, as he was planning to set up the picnic after his softball game that afternoon.My legs started to shake, my voice trembled with excitement, and I said “yes, I could be there.”We talked for a while, and he explained generally…

  41. silar4408587

    Ann felt a cold breeze between her legs and moved them together slightly. She yelped in surprise and pain as she felt Gary’s hand come down on her exposed ass. “Don’t do that. Ever.” he said. “Your ass and cunt are mine. Now open your legs.” Ann pushed her legs as far apart as she could, flaming with embarrassment as she lay there. Gary moved his hand slowly over her ass as he admired the red welt developing. Raising his hand again, he brought it down with a crack. Ann groaned, but kept herself open. Again and again the hand came down, until Ann’s ass was red and burning. Gary could feel…

  42. bet3673582

    While it would be difficult for me to write down all of the adventures, I have been sharing some of the most memorable. I appreciate comments or Private Messages and will try to answer all questions. In the last story, I related to you how my wife Cindy had taken a job at a car rental company and how she and another coworker began to have a sexual relationship.During her time there she also had sex with another coworker, but what I want to share is how this evolved into an ongoing sexual relationship with the owner of the company, Louie. As I mentioned in one of the earlier stories,…

  43. exor1261064

    … The year that changed everything. One wild rollercoaster from start to finish and I would give anything to ride it again. My name is Joseph Calhoun, but everyone calls me JC. When I first started high school I was pretty much a quiet guy. Standing at 6’2, dirty blond short hair, blue eyes and put together very well. The only thing going against me was the band. I was member of the marching band and well not a lot of points won for me. But over the years I came out of my shell, dated a few girls, and became the all around sweet guy that I am.But like I said all that changed in one…

  44. v38enjoin6688955

    He was out cold.She moved her hand to my knee, “How are you doing Ted?Are you still with us?”I held her hand to my knee, “I’m still here…..see?”All evening she had been groping my cock on the dance floor and humping me so that I could feel her cunt on my thigh.I figured she hadn’t lost her interest so I moved her hand up my leg towards my crotch.I felt her hand resist for just a second then relax.I placed her hand on my pants where my hard-on was emerging.She tentatively felt it with her fingertips.I pushed her hand down on my cock and she wrapped her hand around it through the cloth.I…

  45. eljhame8616242

    He could see little except the lithe outline of Natasha’s frame. She stood there in front of him, the kind of woman Joe had always desired and hungered for, She was wearing a long red gown, giving her the appearance of a fountain. Her smooth, silken black hair stretched out behind her. Her face, as flawless and beautiful as the evening sunset, watched him intently. “One hundred twenty for a blowjob. Two hundred for full service. Five hundred for a journey of love.””What could possibly be worth that?””I will be totally yours, totally devoted to serving your pleasure.””How do I know that…

  46. pneumatolith5666246

    But she didn’t release my cock entirely.My first blast utterly filled her mouth until it escaped from the corners and oozed down her chin. My dick finally escaped and shot the next load all over her face. My jizz was dripping from her chin as my next shot went all over her naked tits. I almost fell back into my chair, my cock was still gushing wildly.She put her mouth back over it and caught the last few spasms.When I was totally spent my dick started to soften and plopped from her eager lips.She closed her mouth and swallowed my seed. I had to reach for my lemmonaide and suck some of the…

  47. epileptology4779681

    We had a whole mental conversation, before finally he gave in a tried it. When he gave here the first order she did it then and there just as I had. I looked at him as I licked down her thighs, his dick jumped as she did his bidding. He loved to dominate me so this had to be a huge turn on for him. I knew he was enjoying every minute of it.It wasn’t long before we were completely undress. As little as we had on it was still to much. I had my ass in the air and my face buried in her pussy. I was licking and sucking her clit when I heard Dom turn on a vibe. The next thing I knew he had it…

  48. lefff1759771

    The top of the swim suit was pink stripped with two strings that tied behind the neck,the bottom was all pinkv-shaped with strings that tied at the sides. She even put on the littleskirt that came along to wear over it.Libba stood in frontof me, striking a few poseslookingbreathtaking in the swimsuit, Since she was developingwellin the chest area she filled the top halfrather nicely with a little bit pouring over,She was naturally thin with softness in certain areas like her hips and stomach.“I think it looks very nice” I responded nonchalantly catching the sales lady looking over at us…

  49. palanquin6432032

    . And The Math TeacherIt all started during football season. The coach was sitting at his desk looking over some plays for the next weeks game. His door was open, but the math teacher Mrs. Wells knocked on the door casing to get his attention.“Oh , hello Mrs. Wells, come in, what can I do for you?” ‘I thought I would bring you some bad news.”“Oh, I don’t know if I want to hear that, what kind of bad news?”“Your star football player, your quarterback is failing his math. I told him about it some time ago, but he’s not listening. So he won’t be able to play football the rest…

  50. midgeabean8556244

    She could feel her juiced spilling out of her cunt and down onto her stockinged thighs.”Ohhh YES!! THAT’S IT LOVER. OHHHH YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!” she screamed as he physically jerked her up and down on the end of his fingers.Satisfied for now, Andy stepped back. He looked her up and down and could see she could barely stand such was the force of her climax. In turn Pam watched as he put his fingers to his lips. Watched as he sucked each of them clean, just as he’d done so a few moments before, yet there was something even hornier about his doing that now.Pam pushed a hand…

  51. poussin1092862

    The two wet and giggling girls ran into the building and up the few flights of stairs to Mickey’s apartment.The white jeans that Shana had worn to the concert had become transparent after she let her bladder go in the back of the cab and now as they ran up the stairs Mickey had a mesmerizing view of Shana’s ass bouncing with every step she took and the little black panties that were clearly visible beneath. If she had been able to catch up with the plump ass in front of her face, she would have buried her head in between those cheeks and had her way with the girl. Mickey fumbled with her…

  52. figaseoo3181756

    Every time the bus bumped he would jump and jam his cock into the brunette’s mouth. I turned my attention back to Amy who was breathing heavily and sounded like she was close. I stood up a little and grabbed her hips jack hammering my cock into her already pounded pussy. Amy bent forward and bit the seat in front of her as I felt her pussy clamp onto my cock. I knew she was coming and coming hard. After she settled down she turned to Lilith and spoke. “Im not wearing any panties and I can’t have his cum dripping down my leg all day so suck his cock for me like a good little slut will you?” Amy…

  53. fhgdrs7434734

    We had been in an apartment since school, and were tired of sharing walls with other people.? It was in a decent little neighborhood without too many kids running around. Our wedding happened 3 months after we moved in. Yeah, it was a busy time, but we had planned a small wedding and had made all of the wedding decisions early on.We were on a cul-de-sac that backed up to a few acres of trees. We only had 2 neighbors: one was a married couple in their late 50s. The other couple was a bit more peculiar. Well, the wife was pretty nice, but we rarely saw her. Her husband, Darnell, we saw a bit…

  54. nino3470138

    She whimpers, just a slight sound in the back of her throat, and lightly pushes her ass closer to him.He pulls her tank top down, exposing her nipples to her own view in the mirror. He rubs them roughly – pinching them, pulling them, stretching them – and he pushes her against the mirror until her tits are flattened against the cool glass.His hand roams over her ass and then slips between her thighs. His fingers pull aside the scrap of cloth, and he strokes her bare pussy lips. She wants to scream because he frightens her, but she’s afraid if she makes a sound, he’ll stop, and the…

  55. ml051450856

    I was finally rid of the burden of the two extra roommates and I was the happier for it.Ok, to catch you up . . .When I moved out on my own, I totally moved out on my own.Unlike your average twenty-something, I did not move in with friends, I just moved out on my own.I had a trailer of my own, with nobody else with which to share it.It took some getting used to, but I eventually grew to like not having anyone to mess with my things, or to tell me what I needed to be doing.Due to a deal with my sister, I still had someone once a week doing my laundry (while I wasn’t home, but she was…

  56. peregrint2637759

    many thanks chip84David pulled up alongside st James’s park in the small micra with his friend’s john and Colin.David was waiting for Lisa.Lisa and David had arranged to meet each other at the football ground of the local football team.Lisa and David had met when David worked in a call center, she had rang up as she wanted to use her mobile phone abroad and David was helping her with her query, which resulted in Lisa sending him a postcard as a thank you.After several months of texting, chatting and flirting, they agreed to meet and she travelled up from London.David already knew…

  57. marigraph4850211

    “Yup…” said Emilia weakly.”Good luck with Oakhill?” said Jennifer Lawrence, holding Emilia’s hand.The little brunette actress stepped out of the car, and walked to the door. She stepped back after knocking at the door. Moments later, she knocked again.The door opened and a man in a butler outfit opens the door. “Ahh, you must be Ms. Clarke. Mr. Oakhill is expecting you. Please come in.”Emilia Clarke took a step inside of the house.It isn’t a mansion like she expected but still bigger than the average house. The butler leads her into a dining room area where he spots John…

  58. reformer2602561

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